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Lumedia Musicworks to Brighten DFW's Musicscape

June 18, 2018

Sipping on a latte at a coffee shop in Dallas’ Design District, North Texas-based soprano Julianna Emanski isn’t afraid to say what perhaps many classical music lovers are ashamed to admit out loud: “When I go to classical concerts, I get bored,” she says, candidly. “So, how can we make this different and what can we do that’s more innovative and going to help classical music be relevant today—and keep us relevant?”

Europe Now

April 26, 2018

Early Music for 21st-Century Audiences: An Interview with the Founders of Lumedia Musicworks. 


Our editions are based on original sources, whether they are manuscripts or first printings. We also try to make them as close to Urtexts [scholarly critical editions] as possible while still rendering them practical for use by present-day musicians. If some information in a primary source is ambiguous, contradictory, or missing altogether, we develop our own performance solutions while reminding the reader that they are simply interpretations. We want our printings to be usable by insightful musicians who may have their own ideas for bringing the music to life. All the while, we want to be conscious of practicality for modern performance.

Women of Wonder

January 03, 2018

Lumedia Musicworks debuts with Wonder Women, a concert of early works by women composers.Critical review by Gregory Sullivan Isaacs

Check out the inspiring Julianna Emanski and her new venture Lumedia Musicworks. 

UNT music student raises over 27k to launch non-profit baroque ensemble Lumedia Musicworks

December 01, 2017

UNT Music Entrepreneurship newsletter featuring Lumedia Musicworks Artistic Director, Julianna Emanski.

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